on Wallerstein

George Snedeker snedeker at SPAMconcentric.net
Sat Apr 28 18:18:09 MDT 2001

I have been trying to follow the discussion about Wallerstein's take on the
EU. I like Wallerstein's historical analysis, particularly his critique of
Eurocentric Marxism and the stage theory of development. However, I have
never been able to make much sense of his analysis of contemporary politics.
he paints with such a broad stroke that it is hard to say if he could be
right or wrong. I remember trying to read his book: BEYOND LIBERALISM, which
was an attempt to analyze the impact of the collapse of the USSR on the
world system. he makes too many grand generalizations.this is perhaps a
criticism which can be leveled at world systems theory. his predictions are
silly. he keeps telling us that world capitalism is going to collapse in
another 50 years. he forgets that historical laws are laws of tendency.

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