on Wallerstein

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at SPAMqut.edu.au
Sat Apr 28 21:54:40 MDT 2001

>_Essential Wallerstein_ is a better book than _After Liberalism_.He
>outlines the feautures of the world system theory more clearly there. True
>that some of the predictions of  long cycle Marxists are just hypothetical,
>but their hypotheses are largely based on historical observations of
>capitalism. By carefully observing the past, you can predict about the

Hi Mine,

Bhaskar emphasis strongly that social systems are open,  that is
predictions do not apply only explanations. George is quite right is he not
when he talks of historical laws being tendencies and requiring a ceteris
paribus clause.

>Take the example of financial crisis. Isn't it vindicated? It may
>be that at the moment we are in a classic B-phase downturn with expansion
>coming in, let's say 2005. If this lasts for 25-30 years , as it happened
>between 1945-1970, it should mark the start of a big downturn in

I'll take your word for that Mine.  I will be long gone!

warm regards


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