(Melbourne Age) Communists' website a hit with youth

Magnus Bernhardsen magnus.bernhardsen at SPAMnm.no
Sun Apr 29 06:55:29 MDT 2001

Seems they must be doing something right... Although this page makes it
seem unlikely:
And the counter at this page is at 44000-something: http://www.cpa.org.au/



Communists' website a hit with youth

Sunday 29 April 2001

Perched at their Internet-connected computers, an army of
apparatchiks-in-waiting has flocked to the Communist Party of Australia's
website, bombarding it with more than 95,000 hits in the past two months.

CPA general secretary Peter Symon, 78, says it's the strongest wave of
youth interest he has seen in his 60 years as a card-carrying communist and
almost three decades as general secretary.

And at its ninth National Congress recently, the CPA voted unanimously to
convene in September a foundation congress of the Communist Youth of
Australia for those aged 14-29. Waiting in the wings is a small but
dedicated number of wannabe reds, who have been meeting as a loose network
since October.

Mr Symon said that most of the hits came from young Australians curious
about the party that former prime minister Robert Menzies tried
unsuccessfully to declare unconstitutional in the early 1950s.


Organiser and youth spokesman Jules Andrews, 26, said the stimulus for
forming a youth branch of the CPA was a trip to Melbourne last September
for the S11 protests outside Crown Casino, which he hailed as "a triumph of
left parties working together". Mr Andrews said aspiring members of the
Communist Youth of Australia met at party headquarters in Sydney once a
fortnight for a formal meeting. Another activity - such as meeting at a
protest rally, or a party function where they can set up a youth table - is
also held once every two weeks.


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