The EU question

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Mon Apr 30 09:35:38 MDT 2001

Julio Huato:
>Why is such an idea "not relevant in the age of imperialism"?  What, in
>particular, makes it irrelevant?  And why are the intentions of capitalists
>in building the EU or NAFTA so relevant?  To say the least, workers are not

But can we mention the European Union and NAFTA in the same breath? This
seems to lose track of the class nature of the participants. When Guatemala
can dictate environmental standards or wages to the United States, then
this might make sense. However, the relationship between Norway and
Europe--no matter the complaints of social democrats or unions feeling
stepped on--can not be analogized with those of the North and the South in
this hemisphere.

Louis Proyect
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