The EU question

Ulhas Joglekar uvj at
Mon Apr 30 11:37:50 MDT 2001

> Do you really beleive in this? Which geo-political alternative is EU
> offering? any evidence for this? or any proloterian socialism EU can
> that EU  can build an alternative hegemonic block to US is just a dream,
> which has very little empirical and historical support.. EU is a *mini*-US
> with an explicit agenda of regional neo-liberalism and humanist
> imperialism. This dates back to Marshall plan and the idea of united
> against the communist block. Now the same old social democracts, greeens
> and progressives have joined the US crusade in the bombing of Serbia, and
> demonizing Milosovic...

China seems to favour an East Asian free trade area comprising Japan, Korea,
China and ASEAN nations. How should Marxists relate to this proposal?


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