The EU question

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Mon Apr 30 11:54:00 MDT 2001

Julio wrote:
>In any case, the context of my allusion
> to NAFTA was a discussion about not only Scandinavian countries joining
> EU but also Eastern European countries.  Still, your warning is welcomed.

so you are insinuating the NAFTA/US  line that entry to NAFTA will benefit
the Mexican workers. do you have any evidence for this? what are the
Mexican workers themselves thinking about being part of NAFTA? did you ask
them individually? how do you support your argument with a cost benefit
analysis? I am expecting you to cite scholarly Marxist references with
concrete evidences and data.

At least from a reading of news articles on a regular basis, it is not hard
to see that workers all around the world (Latin America, Middle East, Asia,
Africa East Europe) are striking against neo-liberalism, privatization,
deregulation, free trade, and all the other things that come along with
NAFTA/EU/IMF/WB type austerity policies. Just considering these facts
should tell you something. But defending the "efficacy of capitalism via
imperialism" must be a fashionable thing nowadays.


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