The EU question

Ulhas Joglekar uvj at
Mon Apr 30 12:37:33 MDT 2001

> how do you support your argument with a cost benefit
> analysis? I am expecting you to cite scholarly Marxist references with
> concrete evidences and data.
> At least from a reading of news articles on a regular basis, it is not
> to see that workers all around the world (Latin America, Middle East,
> Africa East Europe) are striking against neo-liberalism, privatization,
> deregulation, free trade, and all the other things that come along with
> NAFTA/EU/IMF/WB type austerity policies. Just considering these facts
> should tell you something.

There has been a sharp decline in trade union and working class struggles in
previous twenty years in many parts of Asia. (South Korea and Indonesia may
be exceptions to this.) Marxist Left either does not exist in large parts of
Asia or it is stagnating. Disintegration of fSU and rapid integration of
China and Vietnam in the global capitalism has put the Left on the
defensive. (Indian liberals are the most enthusiastic admirers of Deng's
reforms.) The broad picture is like this: a) Stagnating Left, if it exists
at all, b) vacillating Centre and c) ascendant Rightwing, religious,
fundamentalist, sectarian fascist/proto-fascist tendencies.


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