Fidel tells Spanish imperialist magistrate to shove it

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En relación a Re: Fidel tells Spanish imperialist, el 30 Apr 01, a las
13:32, Martin Zehr dijo:

> Baltazar Garszon was right for going after Pinochet. If there is
> substance to the story about Sr. Garzon going after Sr. Castro, as
> much as I think it lacks proportion with the crimes of the US
> superpower, I find it ironic that the "left" justifies it's crimes,
> the same way as the right.

I am afraid, dear Martin, that you do not grasp the basic element of
dialectical thinking, which is to take into account THE WHOLE SET of
determinations and to understand which is the driving force behind
them. That Pinocho is a villain is of course out of any reasonable
doubt. He is a jackal, but his being a jackal gets meaning only when
one looks at the social and political reasons behind the awesome
cruelty his name stands for. And this cruelty, my dear Martin, is
nothing that can be confined within the bonds of his nasty skin. On
the contrary, if he is a jackal it is FIRST OF ALL because all his
perverted nature is oriented to serve imperialism. Thus, if Garzón can
boast of being "democratic", it is because there are many Pinochos
(either military or civilian, either "dictatorial" or
"constitutional", either "democratic" or "totalitarian") who make sure
that the Garzóns are well fed, their justice systems work finely, and
the imperialist assets of their own countries can develop a policy of
systematic plunder in countries such as Chile.

This is what gives meaning to any evil deed by Pinochet, and to any
"good" thing that can be proposed by people such as Garzón. What the
imperialist system is looking after is an enormous alibi. Since the
Pinochets are not necessary any more, and since in fact the new gang
of imperialists is quite eager to sever any obvious link with them,
then these Garzóns and similar rogues are doing their own act. Now,
imperialist Spain (yes, yes, IMPERIALIST Spain) is dressing a
"democratic" smoking coat, and Garzón can, with the safety that this
coat awards, can persecute Fidel Castro. Garzón has done nothing, that
I know, to persecute the war criminal that he has more handy, that is
Mr.  Javier Solana, who is responsible for thousands of crimes in the
Balkans. On the contrary, Garzón provides a hue of respectability to
that weasel-like State that is the Spanish state today.

> I would suggest that no one is entitled to a "free
> pass". Accountability needs to be made real in the international
> arena.

Not at all. Accountability needs to be made real in the arena of
revolution.  This means that the only reasonable internationalism we
can think of is an internationalism where imperialists are fought
against everywhere. A trial of the jackal by the wolf is nothing a
true internationalist should consider "accountability". It is, at
best, a bloody farce.

> This goes for the generals of Argentine, and the commissars of Peru.

But, funnily enough, this does not seem to "go" for IMF
officials. That is, Martin, while you can not bring those real
criminals to the chair, you would better not ask that our own
criminals be takent to it. You would be doing the greatest service to
your own bourgeoisie by following the path you suggest.

> The fact is that those crimes of the US back to Vietnam and before,
> have gotten a "free pass". This leaves those of us with a desire for
> justice in a precarious position.

The only kind of justice I can think of for those, and similar,
crimes, are revolutionary tribunals (in the Vietnam case, preferably
chaired by American Blacks). The quest for abstract justice brings in
imperialist contents, immediately. And, by the way, what you are
saying is, if I understood you, that since you failed to bring Barry
Goldwater to the chair, then you will be content with some "native"
criminal of an oppressed country. That is, more or less, what the
imperialists did with Granada: since they could not invade Cuba, they
stormed the other island as a consolation. In both cases, what happens
is that someone in an imperialist country decides on what happens in a
semicolony without any respect for the sovereign rights of that

> There is no doubt that some crimes will be prosecuted and others
> will not, regardless of what anyone says or does. Noreiga will be
> tried, but Kissinger will not. That doesn't mean that people have an
> obligation to become apologists for any "leftist" who gets into
> power, whether through revolution or election.

This means that you don't understand what matter is politics, actual
politics, made of, dear Martin. You would do a wonderful Sunday School
preacher, or perhaps a good rabbi. But not a good revolutionary
politician. Not a good politician, in general. Nobody who considers
herself or himself a contemporary revolutionary Marxist has any
obligation whatsoever, save for the obligation to fight against
imperialism and the allies of imperialism the world over. Smert
imperialismu mirovomu, as the posters by Moor expressively exposed!

> I suggest that those who would give Sr. Castro a "free
> pass",combined with a scathing rebuke of Sr. Garzon, instead
> investigate the facts and listen to a gentleman of integrity before
> coming to any conclusions.

Gentlement of integrity are, usually, integrally imperialist
scoundrels. I prefer to listen to my ungentlemanly, loyal and
one-sided fellow folkspeople, who don't accept a line against Castro
if that line comes from outside their Cuban equals.

That's it. Have a good day, Martin, but ask yourself "what did I do to
attack the imperialist bourgeoisie today" before you go to sleep...

Néstor Miguel Gorojovsky
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