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> > Anthony B.´s description, "reduction of national boundaries and
> strengthening of ethnic divisions" is EXACTLY the imperialist programme.
> The confusion between national and ethnic struggle is a basic weapon in the hand
> of our enemies.
> In the context of, say, the Balkans.  It is still necessary to stay in the
> concrete.  The struggle for Black liberation in my neck of the woods...

I was thinking of imperialism outside the core countries. Within them, of 
course, they are FOR "national" (e.g. imperialist bourgeois) power against any 
minority, whether ethnical or cultural (such as Hispanics, who are not 
_ethnically_ defined). I will not, however, enter a debate on the existence or 
not of different nationalities in the United States. This is too complex an 
issue, and I am not in the least able to broach it seriously.

What is clear to me is that progressive movements _in the Third World_ tend to 
build nations in a classical sense, by absorbing and superating ethnical 
divisions, while imperialists always attempt to thwart these developments.

Too hasty and certainly rugged, but the core of the argument is there.

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