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>From what I can pick up from this thread, you seem to be berating
Historical Materialism for being too "scientific" which in turn is
seen as contaminated by bourgeois ideology, and that we as a movement
have ignored other cultures and ways of knowing.

I tend to berate a lot of different perspectives, and I have none,
but as they all cancel out, I find that we haven't reached Fukuyama's
end of history,  that's the basis of a beautiful friendship. The last
obstacle in the way is some sneaky Kantian Bernstein revisionism. I
won't commit there, although I  have fallen out with most
revisionists, also. So at least I am subbed to the right list. So
don't be offended.

I say that because I think that  marxist theory could collapse, fifty
more refutations of Marx could be written, and it wouldn't change the
basic realities Marx pointed to.  And those chickens will come home
to roost again. The Left will get a second chance after this neo-
liberal farce plays itself out. But will the left be ready?
It is not some 'conservative drift' that animates me then, at least
be clear. It is simply that the left has no really solid foundation
at this time, as evidenced by the curiously compelling Empire by
Negri and Hardt, which I found fascinating. But what is the game
plan, and I don't think that book has a game plan.

Marxists, or their descendants, will be lucky, they'll get a second
chance because circumstances will force the issue, I think, maybe.
But not a third. So it seems important to figure out where the whole
subject stands. Is that possible?  So what are the steps, given the
opportunity, to a socialist or communist society, on paper, just to

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