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Philip Ferguson plf13 at
Sat Dec 1 23:54:38 MST 2001

Checking out the Barnesite paper for some info on repressive measures in
the US, I came across this gem:

>Special attention to selling New International nos. 7, 10,
>and 11 is also needed over the next two weeks. These titles
>feature, "Opening Guns of World War III: Washington's
>Assault On Iraq"; "Imperialism's March Toward Fascism
>and War". . . "U.S. Imperialism has Lost the Cold
>War." The three titles present a working-class assessment
>of the evolution of world politics over the past two decades,

Given that Barnes declared 'the opening guns of WW3' ten years ago, one
wonders whether there is any reality check at all on these people.

Still, I guess it serves me right for going there.

>From now on I'll stick to the ISO and WWP for information about Bush's
repressive legislation.

Philip Ferguson

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