More victims of "humanitarian bombing"

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from today´s NYTimes:

U.S. Bombs Strike 3 Villages And Reportedly Kill Scores

December 2, 2001


JALALABAD, Afghanistan, Dec. 1 - Witnesses and local
officials said today that American bombers flying over Tora
Bora, the cave complex where Osama bin Laden may be hiding,
struck three nearby villages, killing dozens of civilians.
But a high- ranking Pentagon official said the bombers had
attacked sites 20 miles away and had only hit their

Two Afghan officials gave death tolls that added up to 70,
and each said the toll was likely to climb.

Hazarat Ali, the law and order minister for the
self-proclaimed government here, called the Eastern Shura,
said the bombing might have resulted from misinformation
that local Afghans supplied to American officers. He said
that 45 people had died in the village of Balut and 5 in
Akal Khan, both a few miles from Tora Bora. Hajji Muhammad
Zaman, the region's defense minister, said that 20 more had
died in a third village, Gudara.

"We've talked to the authorities" in the United States,
Hajji Zaman said. "We told them, `Your bombing is not to
the mark. There are civilians there. Stop bombing that
area.' "

In Tampa, Fla., Rear Adm. Craig R. Quigley, chief spokesman
for the Central Command, said that American bombs had hit
their intended target 20 miles away.

"If we had hit a village causing widespread death that was
unintended, we would have said so," said Admiral Quigley.
"We have been meticulous reporting whenever we have killed
a single person."

He added that "there was no chance the village was targeted

One survivor from Gudara said 38 of her relatives had been
killed there. A second survivor said he feared 200 were


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