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el 2 Dec 01, a las 12:17, Alan Bradley dijo:

> > From: "Gorojovsky"
> > What is clear to me is that progressive movements _in the Third World_
> > tend to build nations in a classical sense, by absorbing and superating
> > ethnical divisions, while imperialists always attempt to thwart these
> > developments.
> >
> > Too hasty and certainly rugged, but the core of the argument is there.
> Unfortunately, this isn't true.  The role of Third World states in the eyes of
> the imperialists is to guarantee the flow of profits to the imperialists. Often,
> this means "absorbing" uncooperative local populations, like the Moros in the
> Philippines, the West Papuans, the Acehenese, and so on.

Due to circumstances that may be obvious to most on this list, I won't have the 
time to take part in this debate. Sorry. Just a single point, which is 
essential: while I speak of movements who tend to build nations, Alan speaks of 
building "states". Not the same thing at all.

Now, I will have to plunge into Argentinean politics. See you later, if I 

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