Evolution, directional and random

nemonemini at cosmiverse.com nemonemini at cosmiverse.com
Sun Dec 2 11:38:13 MST 2001

Science must show show the non-driectionality of development in order
to lay the
foundations for finding its directionailty (that is at a
scientifically valid level). We
are in the process of dispelling false directionalities, we are
nowhere close to
discovering the historical logic of the universe (which is the bit
that I would say is
implied by all the sciences and at the same-time clearly demonstrated
to be beyond our

You may have hit the nail on the head, and have pulled a dialectical
rabbit from a hat, when needed.
There is something to this. Set up two opposites and let them act out
their opposition. The thesis of non-directionality is taken as thesis
as if to flush out its antithesis. And that seems to be happening now.

As I to directionality, I have my own ussage, and demonstration, in
history, of what that means.

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