RPA: "Is Bush's War Our War?"

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at qut.edu.au
Sun Dec 2 16:44:16 MST 2001

At 08:10  30/11/01 -0500, Lou wrote:
>Marxists must oppose imperialist violence on a principled basis. If
>we allow expediency to govern our calculations, we will end up going
>the way of the social democrats who voted for war credits in WWI in
>order to block the advance of the Huns (or fill in the nationality
>you choose.)

Absolutely.  What is emerging from  the Afghanistan war is the sickening
role that left liberals are prepared to play whenever an "emergency"
arises. It is in fact beyond sickening that Milosevic is put on trial for
war crimes while Donald Rumsfeld jokes openly at press conferences about
the slaughter of prisoners. The left liberals have been bought off and
their consciences stilled with a few photographs of Afghani women without
burqas.  That is all it took and the atrocities and slaughter could proceed.

So bad are things now that Wolfowitz has been able to get away with his
call to "end" Iraq, Iran, Somalia and the Hizbollah. He has not backed down
one iota and no one of the other leaders of the so called "Alliance against
terrorism" has seen fit to even murmur a criticism.

What we are seeing is the classic mixture of economic depression and
foreign wars to distract people's attention from their woes. "...to busy
giddy minds with foreign quarrels" was how Shakespeare put it.



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