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US bombs hit wrong target for second time in two days
By Richard Lloyd Parry in Jalalabad
The Independent, 03 December 2001

The American hunt for Osama bin Laden appeared to have gone tragically
wrong for the second time in two days yesterday, when US bombers were said
to have killed scores of civilians in eastern Afghanistan as well as
mujahedin fighters supporting the battle against al-Qa'ida.

A senior mujahedin commander said US strikes killed more than 100 civilians
around Agam, 25 miles south of Jalalabad, on top of at least 70 killed in
air raids on Saturday night.

At least eight of the latest victims were guards and government officials
of the Eastern Shura, the council of anti-Taliban mujahedin leaders who now
hold eastern Afghanistan.

Haji Zaman Gamsharik, defence chief for the Eastern Shura, inspected the
mutilated bodies of seven of his men, one of them a teenager, who died when
American bombs struck a district government office in Agam where they were

"These are district officials and guards,'' he said in the mortuary of
Jalalabad's Public Health Hospital. "There are more than a hundred.''

The US military acknowledged last night that it was looking into the
reports of civilian areas having been hit.


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