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Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Dec 3 09:03:59 MST 2001

As comrades might have figured out, this morning Steven Philion defended
the right of the Burlington Free Press to decide whether or not Ward
Churchill should speak at an antiwar rally because of his characterization
of workers at the WTC was considered beyond the pale of what's permissible.
When I pointed out that Doug Henwood had seized upon Churchill's comments
in the same manner, it led to my being thrown off the list. Frankly, I
don't care. We are entering a period where opponents of imperialist war
will have to make their points without worrying about being excluded from
an old boy's club of salon socialists.


Dear Louis,
After a lot of consideration, those of us responsible for the
SRList all agreed over the wknd to ask you to to remove yourself
from the List. George Comninel will be putting out a note to the
List later today confirming this.

As I have said before, we feel that a lot of what you have put on
our list has been valuable. But we just cannot let the List be
the site of the kind of intemperate rants you also continue to go
in for.

Leo Panitch

Louis Proyect
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