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Ron Jacobs rjacobs at zoo.uvm.edu
Mon Dec 3 09:30:29 MST 2001

If people would just read the Churchill statement closely, they would
discover that he is primarily challenging American citizen's complacency
and their refusal to acknowledge their complicity in the empire's murderous
drive for hegemony.  Although I have a problem with Churchill's
characterization of the dead in the WTC as "mini-Eichmanns", his analysis
is quite similar to Chomsky's and a dozen other commentators--it's his
choice of words that inflames.  At the rally on Saturday, Churchill
addressed his comments, changing them only to state that he did mourn the
300 immigrant workers who died and the firemen who died.   He challenges
the stereotype that the hijackers were fanatics, comparing them instead to
fighter pilots and/or highly-trained and efficient combat squads, much like
those in Afghanistan interrogtating and helping to kill prisoners.
The reprehensible tendency of so-called leftists to side with the pro-war
camp out of fear for their paycheck or fear of ostracism (or just plain
poor analysis) needs to be argued.  When the left censors its allies and
separates "good" protesters from "bad" protesters it is doing the work of
the state (and strengthening it while doing so.)
ron jacobs in burlington, vt.

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