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>(More from Niall Ferguson's extraordinary NY Times Magazine article.
>The following passage essentially brings together the two themes that
>Mark Jones and I have been hammering away at since 9/11.)

I haven't read it yet, but isn't Niall Ferguson the one who was calling for
the U.S. to begin an overt imperialist program to "impose peace" in the
Muslim world by colonizing it, using as its model Britain at its colonial

He wrote in The Guardian on October 31, after trashing the "little Marxists
lurking inside us":

"There is no excuse for the relative weakness of the US as a quasi-imperial
power. The transition to formal empire from informal empire is an affordable
one. But it does not come very naturally to the US - partly because of its
history and partly because of Vietnam - to act as a self-confident imperial
power. The US has the resources: but does it have the guts to act as a
global hegemon and make the world a more stable place?"


The World Socialist Web Site on this thinking:

Michael de Socio

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