Bourgeois Science-How about Darwinism?

Adam Levenstein cleon42 at
Mon Dec 3 09:41:16 MST 2001

--- nemonemini at wrote:
>   Where is the real proof that such complex factors as basic speech
> etc arise via evolution by natural selection? Where?

And exactly what would you require for "real proof?"

There are all sorts of organisms who communicate on various levels -
from bees to whales - and figuring out how that could be beneficial
isn't exactly a long leap.

> I simply don't believe that language arose as an adaptation via
> natural selection.

That's nice. I don't believe you're really writing this.

> We have no proof in any case, and the theory
> should state that.

Look up the scientific definition of "theory" sometime.

> As to consciousness, again, it is a big claim to say that hardware
> slowly reached the point where social evolution could produce this
> consciousness. Again, where's the proof?

Again, what would you accept as "proof?" For that matter, how would you
define "consciousness" and go about proving that it exists at all?

> I recommend a close study of my eonic effect. Close tracking of
> historical emergence shows the catch 22 in these Darwinian claims. We
> see the strong suggestion that cultural evolution, whatever its
> connection to genetics, is beset with a macro factor, a long range
> driver. It is futile to point it out, I suppose. But the model and
> the evidence is there.

Heh. And what non-self-serving evidence would that be?

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