Anthrax: Did someone from CIA or the Pentagon do it?

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Mon Dec 3 08:12:31 MST 2001

    Looks  like the attack may well be coming from the  people who are
"defending" us!

    Turns out that "terrorist" anthrax is "virtually indistinguishable" from
most advanced American biological weapons stock that no one else in the
world makes, as far as is known.

    Implicit in the article but left unsaid is that there are probably only
a tiny number of military contractors and their hireling Dr. Fraknesteins
who know how to cook up this stuff. It is very revealing that, while
trampling wholesale the democratic rights of tens of thousands of people
from the Middle East and Latin America (because the cops usually can't tell
us apart), there's been not a word from the Justice Department about
rounding up and grilling the well-known (to the government) few dozen people
who could have been behind this.

    This also explains the bizarre reticence on the part of the FBI and
Jutice Department to open the unopened Anthrax envelope received by a
Senator. Sure, they've taken every precaution. Then  again, who knows what
OTHER tricks the CIA and US chem and bio warfare labs may have come up with
that the FBI is unaware of?

    This means, among other things, that earlier government leaks about this
being just plain-vanilla homebrew anthrax were conscious lies meant to cover
up for the likely authors of this crime, and that the initial reports by
Sen. Leahy, whose staff was the victim of what was potentially an extremely
deadly attack, that this was "weapons grade" material were correct. That it
was Democratic Senators --rather than, say, the Pentagon, White House, CIA,
Justice Department or even Congress as a whole that was targeted-- also is
very suggestive of the political character of this attack.

    Are we seeing here the operation of a high tech version of the
government/military intelligence death squad so well-known to the people of
Latin America?

    It also reveals the cynicism of the " war against terrorism" being waged
on the people of Afghanistan. This is something that could only have been
done with the most advanced labs and equipment run by someone who *really*
knew what they were doing. There's no need to send stealth bombers halfway
around the world with inflight refueling of set up desert bases for marine
expeditionary corps to get a hold of the most likely suspects. A simple cab
ride for the Justice Department to Langley and Alexandria, Virginia, will

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Excertps from a NY Times article. Whole article is here:

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December 3, 2001


Terror Anthrax Linked to Type Made by U.S.


The dry powder used in the anthrax attacks is virtually indistinguishable in
critical technical respects from that produced by the United States military
before it shut down its biowarfare program, according to federal scientists
and a report prepared for a military contractor.

The preliminary analysis of the powder shows that it has the same
extraordinarily high concentration of deadly spores as the anthrax produced
in the American weapons program. While it is still possible that the anthrax
could have a foreign source, the concentration is higher than any stock
publicly known to be produced by other governments.

The similarity to the levels achieved by the United States military lends
support to the idea that someone with ties to the old program may be behind
the attacks that have killed five people....

A yardstick for measuring the quality of anthrax emerged almost three years
ago when William C. Patrick III, a longtime federal consultant and one of
the nation's top experts on biological weapons, wrote a report assessing the
possible risks if terrorists were to send anthrax through the mail. Based on
the difficulty of developing advanced anthrax, he predicted that the
terrorist germs would be one-twentieth as concentrated as what the
government developed and what has recently turned letters into munitions.

"The quality of the spores is very good," said a federal science adviser who
shared the Patrick report with The New York Times. "This is very
high-quality stuff" - equal, he said, in concentration to that produced by
the United States military before it abandoned germ weapons....

Ken Alibek, a former top official in the Soviet germ weapons program who is
now president of Advanced Biosystems, a consulting company in Manassas, Va.,
said that it was routinely possible to create dry anthrax that contained 100
billion spores per gram and that, with some effort, 500 billion was

"The infectious dose," Dr. Alibek said, "can be quite large."

Still, the 500 billion figure is half the concentration that the American
government and whoever sent the letters are said to have achieved.

"I don't think they're manufacturing this in caves," Dr. Alibek said of the
terror anthrax. "It's coming from another source."

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