Defeat for the Arabs?

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at
Mon Dec 3 15:29:04 MST 2001

I think we are witnessing, or are about to, an historic defeat for the Arab
nation.   This looks like it could encompass the destruction of the
Palestinian Authority and the re-colonisation of Iraq. This will represent
a defeat for the Accommodationist wing of Arab politics. It should be said
though that it does appear that at present Sharon and co are stopping short
of the removal of Arafat. Certainly on the other side of the continuum the
international terrorists of Al Qa'ida are about to be crushed.

I think that it must be said as well that unlike the defeat of Nasserism,
this is a defeat for the right.  Al Qa'ida appears to be in opposition to
the Accommodationists, but in truth it reached a compromise with them where
by it exported terror to Chechnya and Afghanistan, rather than wage the
struggle for a just society in Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

I should also say that although the Right are being defeated the price is
being paid by the workers.  The bombs alas fall not on the rich but on the

In any case what I think might flow from this defeat, is a
re-radicalisation of the Arab world.  And while Rumsfeld and co think they
are winning all the way, they will live to rue these days.



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