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Craven, Jim jcraven at clark.edu
Mon Dec 3 17:07:59 MST 2001

Louis wrote:

I see that pro-war Doug Henwood is crossposting Vernon Bellecourt's
snitch-jacket slanders against Ward Churchill on PEN-L. Most people
understand that the Bellecourt faction of AIM dumped its radicalism long
ago, just as Henwood is in the process of doing.

Response (Jim C): I for one, as an Indian, resent what has apparently been
done here. The fight between the Bellecourts and Churchill has many
dimensions and issues that few non-Indians and even few Indians really
understand. There is a lot of background to this fight. This fight has been
going on for some time and for non-Indians to post one-side of the
Bellecourts vs Churchill issue, as a weapon against one of the parties in a
dispute on another unrelated issue, especially on non-Indian media, is more
than meddling--it is potentially very destructive on Indian issues and to
Indian struggles.

Even if one takes total exception to the alleged comments, or caricatures of
purported comments by Ward Churchill, his scholarship on Indian--and
non-Indian--issues has been first-rate and daring and his contributions to
concrete struggles have been well documented and have served as a foundation
for other struggles. It is bad enough when Indians practice gossip,
snitch-jacketing, blood-quantum baiting, rumor etc against other Indians
within the Indian world; when non-Indians, invade, take sides because of--as
a weapon for--other issues in other venues, and even cross venues and
issues, it is very destructive and can only serve the interests of "The

Jim Craven

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