Defeat for the Arabs?

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Tue Dec 4 01:51:04 MST 2001

>   This looks like it could encompass the destruction of the Palestinian
> Authority and the re-colonisation of Iraq. This will represent a defeat
> for the Accommodationist wing of Arab politics. It should be said though
> that it does appear that at present Sharon and co are stopping short of
> the removal of Arafat.

Looks like that era is over. I'm sure everyone's heard the news by now:
Israel has declared war on the Palestinian Authority. Bombing raids in Gaza
City and Jenin, tanks destroying the Gaza International Airport and
surrounding Arafat's offices in Ramallah. According to Sharon: "Arafat is
the biggest obstacle to peace and to stability in the Middle East".

Sharon's making it very clear that his war is an extension of the US "War
Against Terrorism": "I got back from the U.S. after speaking with President
Bush. He asked me to express to the Israeli people his deep grief and
honest condolences. He said the U.S. is a true friend and partner of Israel
in peace and in the war against terrorism; the U.S. and Israel stand together."

What are reactions like in other parts of the world?

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