Defeat for imperialism?

Keaney Michael Michael.Keaney at
Tue Dec 4 03:36:51 MST 2001

Gary MacLennan wrote:

In any case what I think might flow from this defeat, is a
re-radicalisation of the Arab world.  And while Rumsfeld and co think
are winning all the way, they will live to rue these days.


Unfortunately Rumsfeld is getting on a bit. However, your point is well
taken. One instance of regret almost certain to come is when the forces
of imperialism conclude that they must train their heavy artillery upon
their present allies, the Northern Alliance. The breathtakingly naive
arrogance of the imperialist powers in assuming that Dostum, Daoud,
Rabbani et al. will acquiesce to the diktats of yet more outsiders flies
in the face of all recent history. Why should it be only Pakistanis,
Saudis, Chechens and Filipinos who get summary treatment at the end of
an AK47 on the basis of their foreignness? Whatever the internal
divisions of Afghanistan, these are as nothing compared to the common
hatred of meddlesome outsiders pulling strings. And, especially after
Mazar-i-Sharif, there will be no Geneva Convention governing the
treatment of US prisoners of war.

Michael Keaney

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