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Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Tue Dec 4 07:37:19 MST 2001

There's some static apparently over there over my expulsion. I got this
from one a York student:

"I don't think you should leave. Let them kick you off.  I and a few other
people here at York (and we're all students of that ego-maniac)
particularly enjoy your posts and believe you to have the best bullshit
meter we''ve ever seen."

and from another:

"I always enjoyed your posts, even when you blew at high dough.  A couple
of us will start a shit storm for the way all this went down."

It is interesting that there has been such an intense reaction to my posts
recently from the academic left at the SR and Radical Philosophy mailing
lists. I was expelled from the first and survived moves from the latter to
expel me as well. This can only be attributible to the war fever that is
having its effect on the more comfortable members of the academy.

Here at Columbia University, there was a link on the home page to an
astonishing video lecture on terrorism by an adjunct professor named
Brigitte Nacos, who grew up in West Germany. She tries to come off as a
chastened leftist who once believed that Claire Sterling was not to be
trusted. But now, with all the revelations coming forth from the E. German
and Soviet files, the scales have fallen from her eyes and she now
understands that the Baader-Meinhof gang was taking its marching orders
from the Kremlin. She also is very concerned about how modern
communications are facilitating the spread of terror. For example, she
worries about how the FARC is using mobile radio units to play music for
peasants in their liberated territories. She does not worry, however, about
the rightwing death squads. Her biggest worry is reserved for the Internet,
which is facilitating communications between malcontents across the planet.


Louis Proyect
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