[A-List] Feedback from a Pakistani on oil shortages and neo-Mahdism

Les Schaffer schaffer at optonline.net
Tue Dec 4 08:24:01 MST 2001

> hydrogen mostly takes the form of water, which is not notably
> combustible, altho a sure sign of any energy crisis is the
> appearance of whacko inventors selling perpetual motion machines
> that run on water.)

exhibit A:   Blacklight Power, Inc.


their claim is standard quantum mechanics got the hydrogen atom all
wrong. there are stable states below what we normally call the ground
state. hence hydrogen can be coaxed into giving us a few more quanta
of energy.

they got equations to back it all up too. Donal, check it out, its
amazing these guys actually found investors. they even have some shots
of the solar spectrum to "prove" their point:


les schaffer

A theory of classical quantum mechanics (CQM) is derived from first
principles that successfully applies physical laws on all
scales. Using Maxwell's equations, the classical wave equation is
solved with the constraint that a bound electron cannot radiate
energy. By further application of Maxwell's equations to
electromagnetic and gravitational fields at particle production, the
Schwarzschild metric (SM) is derived from the classical wave equation
which modifies general relativity to include conservation of spacetime
in addition to momentum and matter/energy. The result gives a natural
relationship between Maxwell's equations, special relativity, and
general relativity. It gives gravitation from the atom to the cosmos.

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