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Tue Dec 4 09:01:41 MST 2001

Homeland Security will have our hides for this conversation, won't they?  Ah, but for a declaration of formal war, they could have us all shot (or assassinated)!

In my book on Haiti, I wrote that slaughter was the only way out for the Haitian masses, because history had left them no choice.  Some of my liberal (social democratic, to you ferinners) acquaintances had to pick their jaws up off the floor, because the liberal cosmology is one where questions of contingency and necessity are off the board.

Churchill gets it, big time, and I have to just say how honored I am to be on a list where he can find a defense.  This is where the question gets called, or it doesn't get called at all.

The epistemology of an old soldier, I guess.

Thanks for this, y'all.


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