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Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Tue Dec 4 09:08:27 MST 2001

>Churchill gets it, big time, and I have to just say how honored I am to be
on a list where he can find a defense.  This is where the question gets
called, or it doesn't get called at all.
>The epistemology of an old soldier, I guess.
>Thanks for this, y'all.

Btw, I have put it back up on the web, this time at: Of course, I get an
enormous kick out of the fact that Columbia University is hosting this
right now in light of everything that is going on. If they come to drag me
off, Xxxx Xxxxxx gets my stereo, Mark Jones gets my books and Charles Brown
my CD collection. My wardrobe goes to Doug Henwood, who needs all the help
he can get.

Louis Proyect
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