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Tue Dec 4 09:20:34 MST 2001

--- "Craven, Jim" <jcraven at clark.edu> wrote:
> question: How many thousands of innocents will not
> die as a result of some
> of the activities and policies of entities occupying
> the WTC/Pentagon being
> set back or delayed as a result of the alleged
> Taliban terrorism?
> The above questions in no way imply an endorsement
> of the Taliban ... they in no
> way implies lack of concern for all of those workers
> and innocents who died
> in the attacks.
> But the reality is that the WTC and Pentagon are
> full demi-Eichmanns like
> Lawrence Summers (see secret memo of Summers when he
> was at World Bank) and
> their apologists like Brad De Long and it is simply
> not the case that the
> WTC and Pentagon are full of only innocents.

I'm really taken aback by all this talk of
"demi-Eichmanns" (who apparently got what they
deserved) and "innocents" (who did not) in the WTC. I
thought it was axiomatic for Marxists that it is the
SYSTEM that is evil (and deserving of death), not the
(mere humans, with faults, fears, and families) who
play roles in that system. You know, I have sometimes
daydreamed about who I might take out with me if I
learned I had only a short time left to live. But no
matter which scumball I imagine myself gleefully
blowing away (The despicable Orrin Hatch was often the
fantasy target when I was younger), there follows the
sobering realization that there is a line of ambitious
scumballs waiting to take his place.

Michael Davidson

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