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>From the Hamas Website.  Statement on responsibility
for the Bombings in Jerusalem on the night of 1-2
December 2001, carried out, as the communiqué says, by
the military wing of Hamas, the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam
Brigades.  The last paragraph evidently contains a
response rejecting calls for a cease fire by the
Palestine Authority:

In the Name of God the Merciful, the Mercy-giving

Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas - Palestine

"Permission has been granted to those who fight
because they have been wronged.  Verily God is able to
grant them victory."  [the Qur'an]

Military communiqué issued by the Brigades of the
Martyr Izz ad-Din al-Qassam

The blood of our martyrs is not water

After the enemy has tasted our blood, holding nothing
sacred, it has become our obligation to meet this
enemy with the painful blows delivered by our human
time bombs.  This is resistance to the enemy's madness
and to his open thirst for the blood of the children
of our people, like the five schoolchildren of Khan
Younus; of our women, the last victim being also from
the Gaza region; of our elderly, the last being an
85-year-old from the rural areas near Nablus; and of
our militant leaders, the last being our bold martyr
Mahmoud Abu Hunoud and his brothers Ayman and Ma'moun
Hashayikah, before whom more than seventy martyrs
among the Palestinian leadership fell, assassinated by
the Zionist criminal hand.  Among the most prominent
of those leading martyrs have been Umar Saadah, Husayn
Ubayyat, Jamil Jadallah, Dr. Thabit Thabit, Jamal
Salim, Jamal Mansour, Salah ad-Din Darwaza, Abu Ali
Mustafa, Iyyad al-Herdan, and the list goes on and on,
just as our reckoning for their deaths will go on and
on too.

In the framework of our response to Sharon's madness
and by God's facilitation and grace, our militant,
martyr brothers - Nabil Mahmoud Jamil Halabiyah and
Usama Muhammad Id Bahr - on the evening of Saturday,
1st December 2001, the night of the 17th of Ramadan,
carried out an heroic and painful attack on one of the
enemy's nests in the occupied city of west Jerusalem,
in revenge for the blood of our martyrs, and as
punishment upon all the foolhardy leaders in the
enemy's military and government ministries.

By these acts we are not simply defending ourselves or
trying to prevent further killing.  We are exercising
our absolute right to repel the continuing aggression
and plunder to which our country has been subjected
for more than fifty years.  We would also like to
emphasize our right to resist and our right to the
martyrdom that is the greatest honor in resistance: to
give onesself, one's spirit, and one's blood as ransom
for his country is an absolute right despite the
hostile attacks waged by the enemy and by some who
spread calumnies in an attempt to rob us of this

"Those who do wrong will come to know by what a great
reverse they will be overturned!" [the Qur'an]

God is Greatest!  Glory to Islam!

Jihad until victory or martyrdom!

Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades
1st December 2001

>From the Hamas website.  Statement of Responsibility
for the armed attack on a convoy of Israeli cars that
in the early morning of 2nd December 2001, for which,
the communiqué says, the military wing of Hamas - the
Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades - were responsible.

In the name of God, the Merciful, the Mercy-giving
Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas - Palestine
Military communiqué issued by the Brigades of the
Martyr Izz ad-Din al-Qassam

"For you have not killed them but God killed them, and
you have not let fly [arrows or spears] when you let
fly but it was God who let them fly" [the Qur'an]

To the masses of our heroic Palestinian people, to the
Arab and Islamic nations:

With the help and facilitation of God the Izz ad-Din
al-Qassam Brigades announce their responsibility for
the attack by machine guns and hand grenades on a
convoy of vehicles belonging to settlers and the
occupation army on the road between the so-called
settlements of Ili Sinai and Nitsanit, which are
squatting on the surface of our Palestinian land in
the north of the Gaza area, an attack that took place
on Sunday, 17 Ramadan 1422 of the Hijrah,
corresponding to 2 December 2001.

Those who carried out the attack were the two heroes:

The Martyr Maslama Ibrahim al-A`raj, nicknamed Abu
Ibrahim, 20 years old from the city of Gaza, and
The Martyr Jihad Hamdi al-Misri, nicknamed Abu
Ibrahim, 17 years old, from the village of Bayt

To the masses of our militant Palestinian people:

Our strugglers have trod under foot the lying myth of
Zionist security by breaking through all the Zionist
security defenses to reach the training trenches of
what is called the Zionist army inside the settlement.
 There they carried out an attack upon those trenches.
 Then they climbed out of the trenches to stand with
their machine guns in the middle of the road where
they forced the vehicles of the enemy to turn tail
after directing a torrent of gunfire at them.

To the masses of the heroic Palestinian people:

Our operation today comes to confirm the following:

1. It is in the framework of the natural response of a
people who have been butchered morning and night,
whose honor has been run over by the mechanism of the
Zionist enemy,
2. It is a part of the revenge for the martyr Mahmoud
Abu Hunoud and for the other martyrs which has not
been completed by our brigades, but which is coming,
by the grace of God,
3. The general of the American Administration [Anthony
Zinni] has not come to ask the Zionists to withdraw
from our land.  He has only come thinking that our
people will be satisfied with less than the liberation
of their plundered land, but hasn't the time come for

Jihad until victory or martyrdom!
Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades
17 Ramadan 1422 of the Hijrah, corresponding to
2 December 2001

Just in case it might incorrectly be thought that
there is something inherently "Islamic" about the
Palestinian determination to resist the Israelis, here
is a statement issued on Saturday by the
Marxist-Leninist Popular Front for the Liberation of
Palestine (the group that assassinated Israeli tourism
minister Rehbeam Ze'evi) rejecting calls for a

Press Statement

American Promises require a means for their
Stopping the intifada will only bring on more

Ramallah:  In a press statement, the Popular Front for
the Liberation of Palestine has commented on the call
from the Executive Committee of the Palestine
Liberation Organization to stop the resistance, and on
a series of official statements concerning the mission
of the American team of envoys.  The PFLP states that
this is an attempt to beautify the face of the mission
of that American team, despite the fact that it brings
with it nothing but ambiguous positions on a
Palestinian state, on the Israeli occupation, and on
United Nations resolutions.

The Popular Front statement said that the American
positions constitute an American attempt to circumvent
the achievements of our people, to empty out their
contents by stopping the intifada and the resistance
struggle, and by returning the Palestine Authority to
fruitless rounds of negotiations on the basis of the
Oslo Agreements and under the authority of the
American Administration.

In its statement, the Popular Front rejected the call
for a so-called cease fire, and affirmed that it was
holding fast to the option of intifada and resistance
struggle, as an option that leads to driving off the
occupation and compelling Israel to implement UN

The Statement also called on the leadership of the
Palestine Liberation Organization and the Palestine
Authority to cease relying on American promises that
lack any practical means for their implementation, and
that relegate the Palestinian people to sitting and
waiting for the good intentions of America and the

The statement repeated the call on the Palestine
Liberation Organization to deepen its efforts at
rebuilding and reorganizing the Palestinian house
internally, reinforcing and strengthening it through
the implementation of the resolutions of its last
Central Council session, in accordance with the basic
rules of the Palestine Liberation Organization.
Additionally it is necessary to hold elections in all
local councils and popular organizations, to lay down
practical steps that lead to the actual establishment
of the Palestinian State, to extending its sovereignty
throughout the territories of the State of Palestine,
to releasing all political prisoners, and to purging
Palestinian institutions of corruption.

Central Information Department
Press Office
1st December 2001

"as-Safir" Beirut, Monday, 3 December 2001.

Israel was shaken violently and a state of fear and
frustration pervaded in the aftermath of three suicide
operations, two of them in west Jerusalem and a third
in Haifa that left 24 dead Israelis and wounded about
210 in addition to killing those who carried out the

The three attacks delivered a severe blow to the
policy of Sharon who had promised to deliver both
security and peace, compelling him to cut short his
visit to the United States and to return to Israeli
where he will chair a meeting of his government to
decide on the response to the attacks.

The American Administration condemned the attacks and
called on the Palestine Authority and its President
Yasser Arafat to move against those who carried out
the attacks and those responsible for them.  For its
part the Palestine Authority itself condemned the
attacks and declared a state of emergency combined
with a campaign of arrests that swept dozens of the
members and cadres of the Hamas and Islamic Jihad
movements.  But Israel doubted these steps and
threatened to take action to "stop the terrorism."

Other areas in the West Bank and Gaza Strip witnessed
other operations and confrontations that left 12
Palestinian dead including suicide bombers, while
killing a Jewish settler and wounding about ten

During the last 48 hours three suicide attacks took
place, two in west Jerusalem that targeted the major
Ben Yehuda street and killed ten Israelis, wounded 170
others and left the two suicide bombers dead as well.
The third operation targeted a bus in Haifa and killed
14 Israelis and wounded about 40.

"as-Safir" Monday, 3 December 2001.
Lead editorial
Bilateral Meeting - and Palestinian blood.
By Talal Salman
Palestinian blood has forced the entry of the
Palestinian cause into the "bilateral meeting" between
George Bush and Ariel Sharon as a third party.  It
forced the timing of the meeting to be advanced, and
forced an essential change in the working agenda of
the meeting so as to embrace the political
implications of the serious developments on the level
of security that the occupied territories have
witnessed  "the butcher" [i.e., Sharon] was away from
his sturdy center of power.

There must be a serious reason or reasons that would
impel someone to blow himself up "along with others" -
a reason that goes beyond describing these operations
as "horrific" (as Bush saw them), or "vile" (as
Secretary of State Colin Powell saw them), or as
"terrorist" (as both of them and Sharon too regarded

There must be serious reasons that deter the Palestine
Authority or make it unable to "prevent" these
operations, that keep the Authority from going along
with branding the attacks as "terrorist," as is now
the style, and from arresting those who are pledged to
death and who are the ones who carry out these
operations as they pass joyously on to their meeting
with their Lord.

Afghanistan and what has taken place in and around it
are not applicable as a model or a guide to
understanding what has happened and is happening in
Palestine.  The empowering American victory in
Afghanistan will not help its partner Israel to
confront its own "ordeal." That has been caused by
Israel's stubbornness and insistence upon a
fundamentally false reading of the Palestinian issue,
beautifying its own Israeli image by portraying itself
as a "victim" like America in its confrontation with
the "terrorism" of "the second Bin Ladin" [as Sharon
has called Arafat] or the "Taliban" - a movement that
imposed itself by force upon a people that had not
accepted them.

The two partners at the bilateral meeting, and the
American in the first place, will be compelled to
admit that Palestine is not Afghanistan, in fact, it
is the exact opposite.  In Palestine the people are
not divided about their goals, not fighting each other
about the very spoils of the war.  There is no
conflict between the Arab national identity and Islam,
nor are those who freely give their blood in Palestine
claiming to be "holy warriors" while they are nothing
but liars, mercenaries, and drug merchants, as are
those in Afghanistan.

Similarly, the American rhetoric that has been imposed
on the world about "international terrorism" will be
of no help here.  Indeed Palestinian experience
demolishes this perverted and intentional
oversimplification of the concept of "terrorism" and
brings back the notion of popular struggles for their

More than that and more seriously, this Palestinian
experience exposes the "state terrorism" that Israel
has practiced for decades, and which has reached in
this last year one of its bloody heights, leaving no
room for confusion.  For how is it possible to make
out that the stones thrown by children, or their
shouts, or even a man blowing himself up along with
his killers, are more conducive to comprehensive
terrorism than is the army of a state of terrible
might with its warplanes and helicopters (all of them
American-made), with its tanks and cannon, to say
nothing of its weapons for mass killing such as the
bombs that kill Palestinian school children and
destroy the homes of the poor?

Is it possible for one to err in defining terrorism,
its source, its aims, and its victims, if one looks at
Palestine and the Israeli occupation that burns
Palestine's fields, and prevents its people from
living even within the most restricted borders within
its borders?

The suicide operations that have gone on round the
clock during the past two days do not look as if they
are going to stop, so long as the treatment prescribed
is limited to security considerations, and is content
with finding the most effective ways to "prevent
terrorism," while continuing to ignore the Palestinian
people's political cause.  Their cause is none other
than their right to live on their own land, and their
consequent right to establish their own state, outside
the "security zone" of the Israeli state, and outside
Israel's absolute hegemony over the Palestinians'
means of livelihood, their security, and political

The attacks that took place in Jerusalem, Haifa, and
Gaza, and before them in al-`Ufoulah and al-Khudayrah,
will for sure be followed by others like them.  There
is no end in sight for these operations so long as the
political reasons for the Palestinian people's
revolution are ignored, and so long as the American
Administration remains triumphalist, overweening, and
filled with the feeling that it is so great that it
need only give an order and everyone will agree to die
in silence lest they disturb America's great victory
over the Afghan deluders, and over the monstrous
specter of the expansion with which it now threatens
all the countries of the world, reducing them to mere
tools that it can use to ensure its abslolute

It is a costly partnership this "friendly"
relationship between the American Administration and
the government of this butcher who has come from a
madness of murder and is now going back to it - Ariel

Indeed now it might almost appear to be a partnership
that exposes the truth about America's claims, just as
it exposes Israel's "inability" successfully to
implement its own demands.

For as long as Israel has supposed that America's need
for Israel will intensify due to its location in this
Arab region with the vast Islamic world, it has had to
accept American limitations humbly so that it not
spoil the coincidence of views between Washington and
Tel Aviv regarding anything that damages US interests,
or that more and more exposes the dirty role that
Israel plays in the Arab and Islamic worlds.

>From the experience of the international war of
intervention against Saddam Hussein's invasion of
Kuwait ten years ago to Afghanistan today, America has
had to try to make its Arab "friends" believe that
Israel was not an American partner along with them.
The Arabs in Iraq (and the Arabian Peninsula, and
indeed, all throughout the Arab world) paid an
enormous price for falling into the trap of American
deception, for believing that they would be
compensated in Palestine if they went along with
Washington in the "liberation of Kuwait."

But the situation in Afghanistan is very different.
Here the Arabs are paying a fine for having complied
with American demands to use their Islamic faith to
block the attack of the Soviet Union.  The Arabs are
thus those "killed," made famous as mercenaries, as
missionaries of sedition and supporters of the most
extreme form of backwardness and human oppression, and
their Islam is daily used as a basis for calumny
against them, presented as something that puts them
out of the bounds of human civilization.

Congratulations to General Anthony Zinni over this
outstanding, sweeping, absolute victory in achieving
an immediate cease fire!

Perhaps this general with his knowledge of leading
Arabs in war against Arabs will finally come to
understand, and will get his Administration to
understand, just what the reason for the gun fire is.
 As regards popular causes, fire power alone is not
enough to wipe out just causes, on the grounds that
they are terrorist and threats to human civilization,
social progress, and human rights!

"as-Safir" Beirut, Tuesday, 4 December 2001

The war waged by Israel against the Palestinians saw a
sharp escalation yesterday as Israel targeted the
headquarters of the President of the Palestine
Authority, Yasser Arafat, and other Palestinian
centers in the West Bank.  These attacks were carried
out by rockets launched from Israeli helicopters and
left three of Arafat's helicopters destroyed.  The
Palestinian President called for an urgent meeting of
the Organization of the Islamic Conference to discuss
the latest Israeli attacks.

Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, upon his return
from a visit to the United States, hastened to deliver
an address in which he considered Arafat "personally
responsible" for events in the West Bank, and
threatened to use new means against the Palestinians.
For their part, Palestinians regarded the Sharon
address as a declaration of war.

The new Israeli aggression won America's blessing, as
the US Administration refused to intervene to stop the
Israeli attacks, on the grounds that Israel had the
right "to defend itself."

An Israeli rocket attack destroyed three helicopters
used by Arafat and caused severe damage to an airplane
in the city of Gaza.  Medical officers reported that
at least 17 persons were injured.  Arafat was in the
West Bank city of Ramallah at the time of the attack.

Witnesses and military officials aid that after about
an hour Israeli helicopters fired missiles at a
Palestinian police station in Jenin.  There were no
immediate reports of casualties.

Medical sources said that a Palestinian intelligence
officer who belonged to the Fateh Movement was killed
in the evening in an explosion that Palestinian
officials said Israel had arranged in the city of

Sharon held Arafat responsible for the latest attacks.
 "We consider Arafat directly responsible for what
goes on," he said in an allusion to the attacks in
Jerusalem and the Israeli assaults that followed them.
 Sharon added in a speech he delivered before a short
press conference, "a continuous terrorist war has been
imposed on us that aims at throwing us out of here
(Israel).  Citizens of Israel, this will never
happen."  He emphasized, "we will pursue those
responsible for the terrorism and track them down
until we root them out finally and they will pay the
price."  He went on, "we know who is responsible.
Arafat is responsible.  Arafat chose the path of
terrorism.  The world did not know for a long time the
real nature of Arafat.  It has come through clearly

Sharon added that the Palestinians "knew they would
not succeed and that the (Israeli) people are strong.
Therefore they continue their assassinations of men
women and children with the aim of killing.  I say to
all of them and to all who hears us in this world from
here, from Jerusalem the eternal capital of Israel,
that the life of anyone who tries to kill us is itself
in danger."  He said that Arafat and the Palestine
Authority "allowed the terrorist organizations to
move.  They gave them protection and the financial

Using obscure expressions, Sharon said Israel will use
"new means at its disposal" without further

Following his meeting with George Bush in the White
House, Sharon said "I returned today (Monday) fro the
United States and I can assure you after my meeting
with President Bush that the United States is a real
partner and friend of Israel."  He added, "In war as
in peace the United States and Israel will continue

Leading Palestinian negotiatior, Sa'ib `Ariqat [Saeb
Erekat] said that Sharon's speech represents a
"declaration of war" on the Palestinians.  He daid in
a talk with CNN television network, "we heard this
evening a declaration of war."  Raanan Gissin,
spokesman for Sharon had earlier announced that the
israeli attacks that destroyed the helicopter hangar
belonging to Arafat constituted a "message" to the
Palestinian President.  Gissin said that "the aim of
this attack is to send a very clear message" to Arafat
to the effect that if he does not arrest the planner
of the attacks against Israelis of last Saturday and
Sunday and bring them to trial, "we will have to do
"as-Safir" Beirut, Tuesday, 4 December 2001.

Hamas denounces Palestine Authority arrests, says
Authority is trying to act as Israel's guard.

The Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas has sharply
condemned the arrests being carried out among their
leaders and members by the Palestine Authority.  So
far 120 persons have been arrested, in a move that
Hamas denounced by saying that the Palestine Authority
"is trying to be a guard for the Zionist enemy."

The Deputy Chief of the Political Bureau of Hamas,
Musa Abu Marzuq told AFP in a statement in Damascus
"it is clear that the Palestine Authority has
responded to American and Israeli pressure and
undertaken arbitrary and illegal measures against
members of Hamas and the (Islamic) Jihad.  These
measures are also inappropriate, such as knocking on
people's doors in the middle of the night, scaring
women and children and taking people from their
houses, just as the Israeli occupation forces used to
do" before the establishment of the self rule areas in
1994.  He added that the "Authority is trying to be a
guard for the Zionist enemy.  The arrests are
continuing, and we ask the Authority to stop them and
to listen to the voice of the Palestinian people."

Abu Marzuq continued, "the pressures that are being
applied are being applied for the benefit of one party
only (that is) the Israeli side.  While what is needed
from America and the countries that are practicing the
pressures is to look to the occupation.  It is the
most extreme scene of terrorism."

Statement by the Popular Front for the Liberation of
Palestine about the state of emergency declared by the
Palestine Authority:

Press Statement

Rather than declare an emergency, we need a national
dialogue to determine a strategy for Palestinian

Ramallah: The Popular Front for the Liberation of
Palestine has commented on the Palestine Authority's
declaration of a state of emergency, saying that such
a step is impermissible.  It restricts public and
personal freedoms and gives free rein to further
arbitrary decrees at a time when the Palestinian
people are living through a real emergency situation
in which they need to apply themselves to their
concerns and problems.

The statement by the Popular Front explained that the
state of emergency declared by the Palestine Authority
will have an effect on national unity in the field of
confrontation, on the cohesiveness of the national
ranks.  This will occur even though the most strenuous
efforts are made by every group to avoid harming this

The Popular Front in its statement called for a
comprehensive and serious national dialogue to define
the Palestinian strategy for work in these conditions
and in the next stage, for an agreement upon a
national collective leadership based on the
resolutions that express the national consensus, and
for participation in Palestinian political decision
making through a national emergency leadership.

The statement also called on the Palestine Authority
to beware of meeting American and Israeli conditions,
since these might simply bring on more Israeli
pressure and dictates and more Palestinian concessions
- something that only whets Sharon's appetite for

The Popular Front statement stressed the need to hold
fast to national unity in the field, to continue the
intifada and resistance as a strategic choice that
leads to gaining national independence and to
implementing the resolutions of international

Central Information Department
Press Office
3 December 2001

al-Jazeera TV website, Tuesday, 4 December 2001, 3:44
am. GMT

Israel declares the Palestine Authority an
organization that supports terrorism.

The Israeli government has resolved to intensify its
military operations against the Palestine Authority
and has officially announced that the Palestine
Authority is an organization that supports terrorism.
Apparantly in keeping with that decision, Israeli
forces advaced this morning to occupy Palestinian
areas in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, prior to
which they rocketed Gaza airport and the cities of
Jenin and Bethlehem in the West Bank.

An Israeli official said that a decision was taken at
the end of an extraordinary meeting of the government
headed by the Prime Minister Ariel Sharon that lasted
five hours.  The Israeli government also decided to
include Force 17 in its list of "terrorist
organizations."  Force 17 is a Palestinian security
force entrusted with guarding the President Yasser
Arafat.  The organization is a military organization
under the Fateh Movement, led by Arafat.

An Israeli source said that Sharon and other rightwing
ministers supported the decisions that were taken
today.   Foreign Minister Shimon Peres, however, led
the leftist members of the government in withdrawing
from the meeting before a vote could be taken.

The decision of the Israeli government was preceded by
an attack by the Israeli military at 1:00 am this
morning on Gaza airport.  The attack brought the
Israeli military three kilometers into Palestinian
controlled territory.  The Palestinian official
responsible for Palestinian military liaison in the
south of the Gaza strip, Khalid Abu al-Ala, said that
Israeli Army bulldozers began gradual destruction of
Gaza Airport's runway, a runway used by Yasser Arafat
for his trips abroad.

The bulldozers began their work in the middle of the
runway and advanced towards the arrival gate for
passengers.  Abu al-Ala confirmed that the Israeli
military have entered the airport for the first time
since it was built at the end of 1998.  He stressed
that this was an "occupation."  Palestinian troops
guarding the airport did not open fire on the

At the same time Palestinian security sources said
that the Israeli army had penetrated into parts of the
Palestinian cities on the West Bank, and that the
Israeli army had advanced to a point just 200 meters
from Arafat's headquarters in the city of Ramallah.  A
spokesman in the name of the Israeli forces said that
the Israeli forces entered Ramallah and other places
in the West Bank, but declined to give more details.

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