Eichmanns & Indians

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Tue Dec 4 13:38:32 MST 2001

thought it was axiomatic for Marxists that it is the
SYSTEM that is evil (and deserving of death), not the
(mere humans, with faults, fears, and families) who
play roles in that system.

It's not axiomatic at all.  Who told you that?  As Utah Phillips, not a Marxist, says: (paraphrased, but she has a point) Those who are destroying the earth have names and addresses.  This is yet another false dichotomy (system-individuals) deployed in the service of imperialism.  There's nothing I can find in Marxism that talked of "deserving" death or anything else--in fact, there is a radical departure in Marxism from that kind of moralizing.

If someone is trying to kill me [us], shall I [we] stop and consider that he is [they are] a "mere human[s]" (interesting choice of words), with all the alliterated and charming characteristics you list?  Perhaps Walt Churchill was thinking of all the faults, and fears, and families of all the cavalrymen and settlers who participated in the extermination of Indigenous Americans when he wrote what he did.

A little more quote-mongering.

William Tecumseh Sherman, the Great Arsonist and commander of Indian exterminations himself said, and we should listen: "War is cruel, and it can not be refined."  That doesn't change with which side you're on.

In an earlier post, Edward Said was quoted saying, in response to the attacks in Israel, "Suicide bombings a desperate attempt to break out of a circle of steel."

"It's the system, not the individuals in their roles," indeed!

Nonsense!  There is no Marx here, only more weak-kneed accommodation.

And my final, favorite quote for those feint-hearted leftists who would cower before the Bushite bluster, this from Audre Lorde:

"Your silence will not protect you."

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