Eichmanns & Indians

sherrynstan at igc.org sherrynstan at igc.org
Tue Dec 4 15:24:35 MST 2001

<snip>Uh, Karl Marx.  I'm swamped, don't have time to dig up
the famous quote, something about capitalists having
to act like capitalists, could someone please supply
it? (it's Marxism 101),snip>

Wow, I hate failing the basic course.  From now on I'll ignore all that stuff about class struggle, the dialectical relation between individuals and society, and the necessity for revolution.  It's cluttered up my feeble mind.  Does this mean Hitler's off the hook, because he just had to act like a fascist?  Just what were those Soviets thinking of when they lobbed artillery into Berlin?  They should have been lobbing those volleys into the system.  I get it now.  Thanks for sorting me out.

"Hey ya'll... go ahead on home and leave the Rocky Mount City Council and the Chamber of Commerce people alone.  We gotta find the system, and go after that.  These people have fears and families, after all."

I apologize.  Cranky.

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