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>  I
> thought it was axiomatic for Marxists that it is the
> SYSTEM that is evil (and deserving of death), not the
> individuals (mere humans, with faults, fears, and families) who
> play roles in that system.

Allow me to exclude the WTC issue for a while. The above is not absolutely 
correct. Organic intellectuals and leaders of the ruling class, as well as the 
owners of the means of production and exchange, play a particular role in that 
system: they embody and personify the system's abstract traits and are the 
executionists of the majorities.

Marxists are against unnecessary bloodshed (not to speak of terrorist 
bloodshed!) but we are not against war _in principle_. And war implies death, 
death of people and, if ultimately victorious, sometimes it implies shooting of 
the criminals, of those who are _objective_ criminals under our terms, even 
though they did not commit a single crime under the old society, the terms of 
which were dictated by the rogues themselves.

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