Foster on Hardt-Negri

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Tue Dec 4 17:48:56 MST 2001

Louis, this review article is very interesting ( by JOHN BELLAMY FOSTER.

The Foster clearly does not like "Empire" very much, indeed there is much to dislike in it and contrasts it with Meszaros' new book "SOCIALISM OR BARBARISM", inrterestingly subtitled "From the “American Century” to the Crossroads" (which I have not read but hope to soon do so).  I think most might agree that Meszaros is no lightwieght, whatever the thoughts on Negri and Hardt.

The points outlined in the review attributed to Meszaros seem all very substantial:

"Imperialism, he says, can be divided into three distinct historical 
phases: (1) early modern colonialism, (2) the classic phase of 
imperialism as depicted by Lenin, and (3) global hegemonic 
imperialism, with the U.S. as its dominant force. "

Simplifing this to 1)pre-Imperialism 2) Imperialism 3) Super-imperialism would be in accord with Lenin's thesis - afterall what could Global Hegemonic Imperialism otherwise mean?

Despite Foster's effort there is a discordant note in this, Meszaro seems to be putting the same general conclusion as Negri/Hardt. 

Greg Schofield
Perth Australia

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