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Tue Dec 4 20:21:22 MST 2001

> I am puzzled why nemonemini at continues to post on
> list.
> Nothing this person writes is in the least way connected to
> It is one thing to be critical of 'Darwinism', 'bourgeois science'
> et. al. right or wrong.
> It is completely different when you have no basis at all in
> materialism, and not even a single shred of evicence or argument -
> theoretical or empirical - to back up you opinions.
> Why is nemonemini at still writing to this list?

 I can see that that is the end of it, and I am sorry. But before
getting unsubbed, I'd say, count your friends, and remember, you
don't represent the left for me. I post to this list because I think
there is a class struggle, a society of exploitation, and the insight
of Marx into that process. That's all. To get shafted for that by
leftists over Darwin is grounds either for bitterness, or contempt,
so watch what you say.
So what is to be done about the issues? Chanting old shiboleths isn't
going to make it, and the relation to science is difficult. My
subject is historical theory, and the reason I say little on Marxism
is because it needs a repair to theory, and I keep mum, til the time
comes when I can make my point. But that, I see, is unlikely.

The whole set of issues is idiotic. You will graft Hegel's logic onto
Darwin's evolution, and think you are going somewhere. It could be
funny, to a reactionary. Should I wash my hands of it?

 And I don't toe the line or care much for those who claim to speak
for Marx dogmatically. I wonder if we will ever get the real Marx
back. What constitutes the correct viewpoint on the 'left' at this
point is so confused that it is silly to have a coniption over Darwin
on the grounds of materialism. Why did the left ever get in this
evolution mess? Materialism, that's it. Give me a break. This is a
nineteenth century hangover. I am as materialist as anyone, but
preconceived notions here have handed the Darwin debate to
Creationists. I am sorry to have indulged in a thread
called 'bourgeois science'. It is a point to consider, but the issue
here is not anti-science, but bad science, a la Darwin.

As to materialism, it is a complex issue, between Hegel, Left
Hegelians, Marx on Democritus and Epicurus, and the nature of
historical theories, and this confused by theories of evolution. All
I can say is, what you have won't work. So keep my work in mind. When
you see the confusion is almost terminal, then maybe a new
perspective will seem attractive.

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