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Don't look for Hugo to give up the ghost too easily.  He's a canny guy, and there were plenty of officers on his side when I was there several years ago.  Maybe a little civil war is what's needed to liquidate their nasty little lumpen-bourgeoisie.  I'm always hopeful.

Buena suerte, Presidente!

BTW, here's a little announcement from a group a young pal of mine, Erica Smiley, has organized.

PLease forward widely....



The National Youth & Student Peace Coalition (NYSPC) is kicking off its
existence this weekend in Washington, DC. The NYSPC will be holding a press
conference to announce its formation and speak out on the potentially
unending and certainly devastating "war on terror"
and its affects on student and youth. The coaliton will deliver its message
from the Japanese American Memorial in honor of the many
thousands of Japanese-Americans who were imprisoned because of their race
during the WWII years. Thje Bush administration is moving quickly to limit
the freedoms of Muslims, Arabs, and anyone who appears to disagree with
them. We must not let this happen again.

Please come out and bring your friends to join the representatives of the 16
diverse organizations of the NYSPC at their launch press event. We need
your support!!! Note the coalition membership and points of
unity below...


EVENT: NYSPC launch press conference

DATE: Monday, December 10

TIME: 10:30 am EST (press conference will start a few miunutes later)

PLACE: The National Japanese-American Memorial, Washington D.C. (located
just north of the US Capitol on a triangular plot bounded by Louisiana
Avenue, New Jersey Avenue and "D" Street, NW)

RSVP: Questions(?) call Kristy 202-347-8772x14 or Joseph at 202-319 7596x12

*SEND DONATIONS TO THE NYSPC c/o United States Student Association; 1413 "K"
Street NW, 9th Floor;
Washington, DC 20005


Consensed upon 10/22/01

1. We support the victims and condemn the attacks of September 11.

2. We are opposed to a military response to September 11.

3. We believe that U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East and elsewhere are
the root causes of the conflict. We believe we must address the root
causes. We support an international response to the 9/11 attacks, holding
the U.S. government accountable to this response.

4. We oppose attempts to pass opportunistic legislation sacrificing civil
rights, democratic principles, and domestic needs in the name of
"anti-terrorism" or "home safety." This includes: threats to civil
liberties, institutionalized racial profiling, anti-immigrant policy,
increased military spending, decreased education and social spending, fast
track trade negotiating authority for the executive branch, and any steps
toward the militarization of outer space. We are opposed to an open ended
war on terrorism.

5. Since we are youth and students, we will be especially vigilant about any
attempts at high school and college campuses to deny civil liberties and we
oppose disproportionate military recruiting of youth of color and working
class youth.


-180/Movement for Democracy and Education
-Black Radical Congress-Youth Division
-Campaign for Access and Reproductive Equity 2000
-Campus Greens
-JustAct: Youth Acton for Global Justice
-Muslim Students Association of the US and Canada
-National Youth Advocacy Coalition
-"Not With our Money"(proj. of Prison Moratorium Project)
-Student Environmental Action Coalition
-Student Peace Action Network
-Students Transforming and Resisting Corporations
-United Students Aainst Sweatshops
-United States Student Association
-Young Communist League
-Young Democratic Socialists
-Young People's Socialists League

*membership is open to new groups

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