Berlin: Huge Nazi march 12/1/2001

Johannes Schneider Johannes.Schneider at
Wed Dec 5 05:04:13 MST 2001

Quite an extensive (and balanced) report was posted to anarchy-list  about
the Nazi march in Berlin last Saturday. Here are the first two paragraphs:

Extremist National Democratic Party NPD had called for a huge march in
Berlin on Saturday, Dec 1, 2001 to protest against the re-opening of an
exhibition showing the crimes of German Wehrmacht in Southern and Eastern
Europe during World War II. After some serious flaws had been noticed in
1999, the exhibition has been worked over thoroughly. The first exhibition
saw 800,000 visitors in numerous German cities from 1995-1999 and there
were Nazi protests against the exhibition in every city it was shown; but
also representatives of Christian Democratic Union/Christian Social Union
then protested against the exhibition with a rhetoric differing only
slightly from that used by outright fascists. The exhibition now reopened
in Berlin on Tuesday last week.

The NPD march was planned since long and authorities claimed there was no
chance of banning the march since NPD was a legal political party
(although legal actions for a ban of the party are under way since earlier
this year. NPD and its youth organization JN apparently are being used as
a legal cover by other Nazi organizations, like e.g. the so-called 'Freie
Kameradschaften' [free comradeships] operating as autonomous cells,
benefitting from NPD's legal status to facilitate events and marches).

Full report at:

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