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Re: demi-Eichmans, reply to Michael Davidson

I think Michael was only half-right, when he wrote,

"I'm really taken aback by all this talk of "demi-Eichmanns" (who
apparently got what they deserved) and "innocents" (who did not) in the
WTC. I thought it was axiomatic for Marxists that it is the SYSTEM that is
evil (and deserving of death), not the individuals (mere humans, with
faults, fears, and families) who play roles in that system."

Micahel's axiom is a half truth: the 'evil' system creates thouroughly evil
people, too.

Not all of our enemies are such people, many of them are 'nice' people
making decisions that cause death and destruction on a global scale. But,
the truth is that sorting out the 'nice' ones, from the 'evil' ones usually
isn't possible in a war.

Clearly the people who blew up the world trade center understood that they
were in a war, and that the other side was more powerful, and had started
the war.

Most 'leftists' today no longer view the class struggle as class war, and
have developed a lot of sympathy for the 'nice guys' among the enemy. In
fact, they rather enjoy chatting with them.

But, the truth is, that we can not destroy the 'evil system' without going
to war against it - and a lot of 'nice guys' will die.

Michael's fantasies abour Orin Hatch et. al. were to the point.

All the best, Anthony

Louis Proyect
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