RPA: "Is Bush's War Our War?"

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Wed Dec 5 15:36:41 MST 2001

On Mon, 3 Dec 2001, Gary MacLennan wrote:

> The left liberals have been bought off and their consciences stilled
> with a few photographs of Afghani women without burqas.  That is all it
> took and the atrocities and slaughter could proceed.

The full burqa presents a visually horrific image. It totally erases the
humanity of the person wearing it, much like the black hood of a torture

It is, however, a symbol; and as such cannot tell us much about Islamic
fundamentalism all by itself. It is an extreme form of a dress code found
in patriarchies the world over. Here where I live, the code is merely an
occassional annoyance. Occasionally, I have to decide whether to wear
sensible shoes, sexy high heels, or dress like a lady. I know that there
are rare occasins in which I might be punished for making the wrong
choice, not by the government, but by individuals with neanderthal ideas.
When I was a girl, I often found it more comfortable to wear sensible
clothes with which to protect mysel from the prying eyes of men. I'm sure
the veil gives this same illusory protection to some Islamic women.

The veil itself is, I think, symbolic of the reductionist thinking to be
found in all fundamentalism. In the Western media, it is also a veil of

Joan Cameron

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