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Wed Dec 5 17:04:21 MST 2001

<snip>It is, however, a symbol; and as such cannot tell us much about Islamic
fundamentalism all by itself. It is an extreme form of a dress code found
in patriarchies the world over.<snip>

People like to dismiss this, but...  My friend, Inga Muscio, who authored a book called simply "Cunt", in which she writes, telling of preparations just to go to the corner store to get some coffee creamer on a bike, that she:  "1. Put a beanie on my head to camouflage my femaleness... 2. Did the ol' once over in the mirror to ascertain that my sweats were baggy enough to hide the contours of ... my ass...  3. Tied my running shoes really nice and tight, in case I might have to kick or bolt... 4. Donned a loose, black, butchy jacket... 5. Stuffed the five medium-sized rocks I keep on hand for excursions such as this into the pockets of said jacket... 6. Made sure the tires on my bike had enough air in them, in the event I'd have to race to safety."  As you may be able to tell, Inga ain't no pushover, and she doesn't exude "victim" for anyone, and she still has to do this.

It might not be a burka, but the control is still there, isn't it?  I really get itchy when people like George W. Bush begin to talk about liberating Afghani women.  Inga lives in Olympia, Washington.


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