Are the Taliban fascists?

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Thu Dec 6 07:42:01 MST 2001

Dear mates: I've been busy writing and trying to develop some ideas....

As we see, the ghost of "fascism" is a convenient excuse for refusing to
acknowledge the very present and distinct reality of all kinds of Far
Right-wing populism that develop a victimized backward ideological
consciousness in response to the process of wholesome economic and social
destruction that is currently taking place in most of the Third World.

All such movements are wholesome phenomenological  expressions of the
general character of postmodern politics, that is, an attempt to react to a
victimized consciousness by means of affirming a separate (and
petit-bourgeois) identity -which includes political correctness, but also
anarchist-like terrorism as "propaganda by the deed" - and/or by a throwback
to an idealized past. They are a by-product of the late-XXth century demise
of a general marxist project. Therefore their peculiar mix of Narodnaia
Volya terrorism and primitive rebel consciousness (but then, the Narodniks
also had a primitive rebel idealization of the Russian commune, as we all

One could limit oneself to quote Trotsky's comment about the Narodnicks, in
_The Youth of Lenin_, to the effect that such movements mark not the
beginning of nothing new, but the close of an epoch, were it not for the
acknowledgement that they represent a -throughly reactionary, of
course-desperado-like response to an objective process of what my professor
Maria da Conceição Tavares called "non-creative destruction".

IMHO_Carlos Rebello

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