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Anthony wrote:

> Not all of our enemies are such people, many of them
> are 'nice' people
> making decisions that cause death and destruction on
> a global scale. But,
> the truth is that sorting out the 'nice' ones, from
> the 'evil' ones usually
> isn't possible in a war.
> Clearly the people who blew up the world trade
> center understood that they
> were in a war, and that the other side was more
> powerful, and had started
> the war.
> Most 'leftists' today no longer view the class
> struggle as class war, and
> have developed a lot of sympathy for the 'nice guys'
> among the enemy. In
> fact, they rather enjoy chatting with them.
> But, the truth is, that we can not destroy the 'evil
> system' without going
> to war against it - and a lot of 'nice guys' will
> die.

Wow. Like the U.S. (and the "terrorists"), Anthony
shrugs his shoulders and declares that it's "war" (for
a just cause),
and in war we target the "enemy," and people die,
including the innocent.

Some time ago someone asked the list if Marxists
should feel guilty about what they find themselves
doing for a living.  No, was the reply, wage labor
necessarily involves serving the interests of capital.
But in the present discussion of those killed on the
job at the WTC the tone has rather changed.  Now we
wonder aloud if some global suffering might have been
lessened by the deaths of certain employees who served
as "functionaries of imperialism." I might think I'm
just a "nice guy" trying to pay the bills, but,
depending of my occupational category, I might
"actually" be the "enemy" in the "class war," and a
potential (and justifiable)casualty to that very just

I said I thought the enemy was "the system," but
perhaps that really is too easy.  So please tell me,
tough guys, which grieving families I'm allowed to
sympathize with, and please tell me exactly which
people are in the enemy camp.

Michael Davidson

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