In defense of Jared Israel

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Thu Dec 6 13:42:09 MST 2001

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el 5 Dec 01, a las 22:47, Mark Jones dijo:

> At 05/12/2001 22:19, Stan wrote:
> >I just went through a little email scuffle with Berlet, who is telling 
> >people that Jared Israel is a "Stalinoid hack"
> I should have said that whatever else Jared is, he isn't *that*. That's 
> what he always accuses *me* of.

I don't know who that Berlet is, so that I couldn't care less about his 
opinions about a friend of mine. But if Israel is a "stalinoid hack", then long 
live Stalinoids! And I speak as a person who has been brought up in the best of 
Trotskyist traditions.

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