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<< What's curious to me, however, generally and not necessarily with
reference to you, is how some so-called leftists rush to the fore to remind
us about sensitivity when the WTC and the Pentagon are attacked.  All this
business about grieving families is fine, but in the current context, that
is, the discussion about Churchill's remarks, it strikes me as a grand
evasion of the realities of class struggle [in all its dimensions]... and yet
another rhetorical trap to demobilize us with appeals to liberal morality.
In the struggle between white oppressors and black oppressed, I am taking
sides.  In the struggle between workers and bosses, I am taking sides.  In
the struggle between male oppressors and oppressed women, I am taking sides.

I'm a bit unclear about what the above means as far as grieving for the
victims of 9-11 goes.  Are they to be grieved for less because we grieve for
the victims in Afghanistan? I say: they are victims of the same criminals.

We need to build the broadest antiwar movement possible, which means linking
the horror of the war and the horror of 9-11 and showing that the culprit is
the same in both cases - the controlling forces of the U.S. Establishment.
The war was planned ahead of time and 9-11 was carefully organized - could
not have occurred unless it was organized - by these same forces, with the
clear purpose of justifying war and repression.

9-11 was an inside job that murdered thousands of people from a remarkably
broad range of classes, and races, and of course both sexes, working at the
WTC. Why can't we unite in the strongest way with those who grieve by
demonstrating to them, factually, who is guilty?  Who caused their suffering?
 That it was planned and carried out by the same people who are bombing
civilians, television stations and the like in Afghanistan?

To organize effectively against the war it's urgent that we realize that 95%
the American people - 95% - are not part of "them", the enemy, but are
victims of this attack organized by a handful of billionaires and their
government and military agents.

To win over the jury we have to point the finger of criminal guilt at these
people.  If we raise as broadly as possible that Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld,
Myers, and the like organized both the attack on Afghanistan and 9-11, then
the millions of people in the USA who already suspect that this whole thing
makes no sense will start to be won over.

The social security fund is being robbed.  Precious liberties are being
robbed. This is being done by the exact same people whose fathers and
grandfathers brought the Nazis to power.  They are the enemy of not only the
U.S. working class, but the middle class as well.  This is what we're saying
at emperor's Clothes and by the way our hits have shot up to 60-100,00 a day.
 This positive response comes from all kinds of people, including even people
in the elite branches of the armed forces, Special Forces types, who one
might too readily dismiss as hopeless enemies.

Jared Israel

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