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On Thu, 6 Dec 2001, Debordagoria wrote:

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> > But, the truth is, that we can not destroy the 'evil
> > system' without going
> > to war against it - and a lot of 'nice guys' will
> > die.
> Wow. Like the U.S. (and the "terrorists"), Anthony
> shrugs his shoulders and declares that it's "war" (for
> a just cause),
> and in war we target the "enemy," and people die,
> including the innocent.

Here we have another person who needs a refresher course in basic logic.
Jim Craven's excellent post outlined the non-sequiteur in your line of
reasoning. He said what I tried to say in my own clumsy way shortly after
the attack. Back then, I was still seething with the hypocrisy of Bush
pointing the finger at anyone else and calling them "terrorist". I also
object to using language such as "innocent victem" because it buys into
the "worthy" v. "unworthy" false dichotomy.

Look, the fact is that whole sections of the middle class act as agents
(very minor agents) of the bourgeoisie. For instance, the advertising
inducstry touts the gospel of corporate values.

Did you see "The Fight Club"? Remember how the protagonist describes what
he does for a living? He investigates car wrecks to assess possible design
flaws in engineering. He totes up the numbers and the company he works for
decides whether it is cheaper to redesign the car or to pay off future
victims (or their survivors). Anyone who thinks that modern civilizations
don't believe in human sacrifice have obviously not considered the
implications of this second option. This in general is the type of job
that was done by some of the companies in the Twin Towers.

Does this mean that everyone in the Twin Towers was our enemy? No. Even if
they were, would this mean they deserved to die? No. Did anyone on this
list imply an affirmative to these questions? No.

The bottom line is, no one tells me what feelings I should and should not
have. No one has the right to march into my soul and re-arrange the
furniture. The fact is that I don't feel sympathy for people I don't know.
I have enough problems of my own without taking on other people's karma.

I have been on the wrong end of middle-class snobbery all my life; I know
damn well they don't give a rat's a** about me. If they did, they wouldn't
let the government slash the social safety net as they have all through
the '90's; they wouldn't let homeless people freeze on the streets of all
our cities each year; they wouldn't let the government underfund inner
city schools.

I would like to see a new cable channel on TV - the Human Sacrifice
Channel - showing pictures of people dying on the streets, people dying
horribly in car accidents, people dying of neglect in rip-off HMO's.

Maybe that would put Sept. 11 into perspective for some folks.

Joan Cameron

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