Our charges on 9-11 are based on facts and reasoning, not mere speculation

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<< Jared, I share your skepticism about official stories, and anyone who
looks at TENC can read what my own questions were, as you know, but I don't
have enough direct evidence right now to reach this catagorical conclusion. >>

We at Emperor's Clothes are not skeptical. Our posted evidence (and much more
is coming) is either right or it is wrong.  Why the ambivalence?

<<A cover-up of embarrassing connections?  The act itself?  Concealment of
ineptitude or foreknowledge?  I don't know. I'm a little taken aback that you
claim you do, if I read this correctly.>>

Stan, I'm not sure why you'd have to guess where I stand. If you just read
Emperor's Clothes you'll see that in our summary of evidence, 1/3 of which is
already posted, we make definite charges.

We have so far shown that standard intercept procedures - used almost daily -
were not followed. These procedures are not optional, to be applied if guys
in the FAA and the military feel like doing it. Rather, they are based on
very strict orders. Also they require NO intervention from on high.
Interception did not occur and planes at Andrews were not scrambled over DC
until after the Pentagon was hit.

We have documented all this, with public orders from the Joint Chiefs of
Staff and the FAA as well as examples from the media.  Secondly, as we have
shown, and will soon show more, there has been a concerted effort to cover up
these truly shocking facts, thus demonstrating guilt - by Cheney, as already
illustrated (though more on him will be posted) by Myers (coming soon) and by
Bush and others.

The problem could not be that the top people are trying to hide ThEIR
ineptitude. Since THEIR actions were NOT required to make interception
happen, if human screw-ups were the problem the blame would fall way down the
chain of command . Thus Bush et al could have blamed those responsible and
avoided the current problem - that millions of people who know about the
standard proceudres can't understand why they were prevented from being
carried out.

While CARRYING OUT interception requires no intervention from on high, it is
impossible to PREVENT standard interception (i.e., planes scrambling when
flight 77 went off course and broke radio contact - before 9 AM) and to
PREVENT standing air defense (scrambling planes from Andrews Air Force base
as soon as it became clear that planes had been hijacked and certainly after
the first plane, known to have been hijacked, hit a building) - to prevent
these procedures from being carried out BEFORE the Pentagon was hit, yet then
to have them carried out AFTER the Pentagon was hit could not have been done
unless the top leadership was monkeying with the process.  Moreover, we have
demonstrated that Mr. Cheney tried to cover up on MEET THE PRESS, 9-16. We
will show more evidence of cover-up in upcoming parts of the summary of
evidence.  The cover-up has been carried out amazingly badly, including by
the head of the Joint Chiefs and by the President.  It is truly amazing that
the Left has not looked at any of this easily available material.

Our work is meticulously documented.  Either we are right about the facts,
and they are guilty, or somebody should show where we are wrong.
Interestingly nobody - not a soul - has shown where we are wrong.  But lots
of people in the military and FAA have confirmed what we're saying.  Stan, if
I read you right, you're taken aback that we have gone beyond saying "all
this is speculative." Well, we have presented hard facts.

Perhaps you might re-read GUILTY FOR 9-11-  Section 1, as well as the update
and Section 2. Then maybe you could do a little digging with any contacts you
have in the military...

There are three pieces so far:

By the way, Stan, Michael Ruppert presented these and other facts to a
thousand people at Portland State a week ago and got a standing ovation and
ZERO opposition. Ordinary people are hungry for this explanation. Our charges
have been confirmed from many well-informed sources, including people at
Andrews Air Force base.


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