Science and Antiscience

Les Schaffer schaffer at
Thu Dec 6 20:54:06 MST 2001

Stan wrote:

> But please don't presume to explain in advance why I react to
> anything, and I'll do you the courtesy of the same.

you're confusing me and joan, i think.

> And don't condescend to me to tell me what a simple little theory
> the big bang or anything else is.  It implies I'm stupid.

oh relax. i wasnt calling you stupid. but i didnt quite explain myself
so clearly: i was trying to say "dont make a more complicated thing
out of the theory than need be". the point of the fireworks thingy was
to show there is a rather simple _structure_ to the theory.

> I'm sorry the fireworks thing didn't work for me, because fireworks
> don't generate something from nothing.

you missed my point. whats inside the singularity is all the stuff
about something from nothing and all that jazz. thats a whole nother
story. it can be given a different spin than god and all that.

> I'm not a scientist.  I'm a retired soldier, the son of factory
> workers.

i've been a carpenter, a roofer, a house painter, a logger, an
engineer, ca omputer programmer and an astrophysicist.

i did spend lots of years studying the connection between plasma
physics and astrophysics. so your stock quote of this lerner/alfven
stuff is super ho-hum to me. if you want complex theories, i'll show
you some astrophysical plasma stuff make your head spin.

> When working class people start a fight, the first issue is seldom
> money.  It's usually respect.

hey soldier ... take your itchy finger off your rifle trigger and give
a debate a few go-arounds before you fix to roll up sleeves and start
a fist-fight.


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