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One of the dangers of the current situation is that the Left, disoriented by
the destruction of the Soviet Union and years of pro-Islamist propaganda in
the Western media regarding Yugoslavia and - prior to that - Afghanistan, and
confused by the Israeli-Palestinian nightmare, is getting sucked into a
pro-Islamist stance (as opposed to defending Palestinian anti-Imperialists)
including old fashioned anti-Semitism.  Thus well-meaning people post crap
straight out of the forgery, the Protocols of Zion, about how the Jews
control America (in the person of the Nazi clan of the Bush family,

An example is the following fabrication.  I did some research, and this was
NEVER said in the Knesset, period. It was spread by Islamists on the net, and
then legitimized by a guy named Jim Moore, about whom more further down.

Here's the protocols-type quote:

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> We control America
> "Every time we do something you [Shimon Peres] tell
> me America will do this
> and will do that.... I want to tell you something
> very clear: Don't worry
> about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish
> people [sic], control
> America, and the Americans know it."
> - Ariel Sharon, Israeli Prime Minister, Knesset, Tel
> Aviv, October 3, 2001.

According to a post from the Islamic Association for Palestine
( this message gained
"legitimacy" when it was published in an article by Jim Moore in the "The
Tallahassee Democrat" on Oct. 13.  He got it, according to Islamic Ass., from
"various middle eastern websites." Real rigorous source.  The wedding of the
Islamists and Mr. Moore is just the latest example of the historical link
between Islamism and fascism. (E.g., the Mufti of Jerusalem was a key
supporter of Hitler and the Croatian Ustashe!)

Mr. Moore, the legitimizer of the Sharon fabrication, is an apologist for
slavery in the U.S. as the following excerpt from another article by him
amply demonstrates. That is, he is a racist. Here is the delightful Mr. Moore:


"When Bob inquired further, he was told some things that most Americans are
totally ignorant of. According to the Nigerians themselves, the "tribes" in
this section of their country have always been the more affluent, better
educated, industrious people. But in the "bush" country the reverse is true.
There, the tribes have always been peasant people, mostly illiterate, living
in thatched huts and eking out a bare existence.

"What happened in past years was that opportunistic Nigerians from the more
affluent tribes would raid bush villages, take whole families prisoners, and
sell them to slave traders on the coast. From what these men told Bob, no
more than 20 percent of the slaves were ever sent to America. Most were sent
to other countries around the world. Now, obviously, even 20 percent of
slaves from Africa sent to America is surely a negative aspect of our
history. And the Nigerians that Bob worked with acknowledged that. What they
didn't understand, they said, was our obsessive national guilt over the
matter, and the African Americans' insistence on broad brushing white
Americans as perpetrators of that tragedy. Particularly when the truth is
that Africans themselves were, to a large degree, responsible for the
enslavement of their own people.

"Most Americans have never been to Africa. And none of us was there during
the slave-trading days. But Captain Bob has been there, and he got the facts
straight from the people who should know. So a logical question is this: If
the blacks in Africa - who themselves contributed to this tragedy - see no
reason for America to feel guilty, why should we continue to do so?

Jim Moore is a retired advertising executive who lives in Tallahassee.
Contact him at Jmoore1819 at . "

This is from the Tallahassee Democrat, Feb. 21, 2001  I can send anyone who
wishes the entire article.

- Jared Israel

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