When Opposing Imperialism, Avoid Conspiracyism

Derrick O'Keefe sankara83 at hotmail.com
Fri Dec 7 02:02:01 MST 2001

Jared Israel:
>One of the dangers of the current situation is that the Left, disoriented
>the destruction of the Soviet Union and years of pro-Islamist propaganda in
>the Western media regarding Yugoslavia and - prior to that - Afghanistan,

I'm wondering who is disoriented.  I heard Israel on a radio show once
insisting that Milosevic had never down anything wrong.  Not a word about
his bloody fomenting of Serb chauvinism, which I suppose is just a myth that
the CIA has implanted in my brain by way of a dissolved substance they
inserted into Lipton's Ice Tea throughout the 1990s.  How else to explain
the parallel meteoric rises of bottled iced tea and political Islam?

Israel's analysis of the break-up of Yugoslavia is totally removed from the
history of the Partisan Revolution, Tito's rule, etc.  That the KLA in the
end became a tool of imperialism is obvious, but it recruited fighters
because of the history of national oppression, going all the way back to the
1950s under Tito.  And was it not true that a couple of years earlier the
KLA was on the U.S. list of "terrorist" organizations?

This is goes back a few years, but is my belief that Stalin executed
thousands of the original Bolsheviks, etc., etc. nothing more than the
result of too much iced tea consumption as a teenager?

>confused by the Israeli-Palestinian nightmare, is getting sucked into a
>pro-Islamist stance (as opposed to defending Palestinian anti-Imperialists)
>including old fashioned anti-Semitism.  Thus well-meaning people post crap
>straight out of the forgery, the Protocols of Zion, about how the Jews
>control America (in the person of the Nazi clan of the Bush family,

I'm not sure how many well-meaning people are posting that the Jews control
America.  The Aryan Nation is, just like their religious fundamentalist
counterparts in the Middle East.  And yes, what prevalence this view has in
that region is a result of the weakness of the secular left.

Anyway, I'm not convinced many on the list are too confused by the
Israeli-Palestinian "nightmare".  It's not a matter of just "defending
Palestinian anti-Imperialists", it's a matter of defending the Palestinian
people, of demanding an end to the occupation and exposing the lie of
Sharon's "war on terrorism".  Perhaps I need clarification on how to
classify Palestinians.  Does a teenager who attends a march one day and
mosque the next go from "anti-Imperialist" to "Islamisist"
the next?

I think it's also a matter of explaining and protesting Israel's expanding
attacks on the Palestinians, rather than scanning the wire for "proof" that
the latest Hamas suicide bomber was actually D.B Cooper's son and a
CIA-trained Israeli spy.

Derrick O'Keefe

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